• From The Brookline Chronicle September 16, 1911:
    Driscoll School Opens
    Monday morning the boys and girls, tanned and rugged after their long summer's vacation, returned to their desks and lessons for another year, and the teachers, bright and smiling after their much needed rest, settled down again to the winter's grind. The schools were open and work commenced once more for both.
    The new Michael Driscoll primary school on Westbourne Terrace was thrown open Monday morning for the first time. This school is one of the best equipped lower grade schools of Massachusetts. The six rooms opened for pupils will accommodate 350, and it is likely that several Boston school children will take advantage of the nearness of the new building to their homes.
    The building is constructed of brick with steel framework, and is absolutely fireproof. Many new features will contribute to the safety and comfort of the pupils. In the basement are a set of excellent boilers, with a special furnace for the burning of waste paper and also a stock room excellently fitted, which, with the other stock room on the first floor, will enable the school to carry supplies sufficient for a whole year. The first floor is devoted to the first grade and kindergarten. The latter department has had special attention paid to it. Special toilets are provided and there are large registers for the drying of feet. A large piano is among the furnishings of the room and also games, blocks, and all the instructive toys which teach as well as please. On the first floor, in addition to the stock room and class rooms, is also a teachers' rest room. The principal's office is also on this floor.
    Driscoll 1911