• Lindsay Anderson 

    Ms. Lindsay Anderson, Librarian

    Phone: 617-879-4546
    Email: lindsay_anderson@psbma.org (preferred method of contact)
    Welcome to the Heath School library! 
    In our library, children have the freedom to choose books that interest and excite them. In our library, we read for fun and we read for the love of it! Students are guided to learn how to pick books that are right for them and to find texts that they really want to read.

    Throughout the year, students will practice using online resources and databases to research effectively, efficiently, and safely.

    Everything we do in the library is intended to foster a love of learning in future-ready, engaged citizens.
    K-5 visit the library once a week to borrow books and 6-8 have access on a more flexible routine. 6-8 also have a Heath Library Canvas page with content specifically for them. 
    Please find out what day your child comes to library to help your child remember to turn their books in on time. 
    Happy reading!
    - Ms. Anderson, librarian