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    Ms. Lindsay Anderson, Librarian

    Phone:  617-879-4546
    Welcome to the Heath School library! 
    In our library, children have the freedom to choose books that interest and excite them. In our library, we read for fun and we read for the love of it! Students are guided to learn how to pick books that are right for them and to find texts that they really want to read.

    Throughout the year, students will practice using online resources and databases to research effectively, efficiently, and safely.

    Everything we do in the library is intended to foster a love of learning in future-ready, engaged citizens.
    Keeping Track page
    K-5 will visit the library once a week to borrow books and 6-8 have access on a more flexible routine. It is important that you establish a routine with your child of returning books on time so they can choose new books during library.  At Heath, we teach children library books are an important community resource. so returning them on time shows that you care about another student who might also want to read the book you had.
    However, it can be tough to keep track of all those books! Overdue books happen and that's ok! While we don’t want students to disregard due dates, we also don’t want them to lose sleep over an overdue book. I will contact parents via email about an overdue book. Please feel free to contact me if there is any issue with a book, especially if you think you returned it. Mistakes happen on our side, and I’m happy to double check to see if the book is in the library.
    - Mrs. Anderson, librarian

    To help your child keep track of their library books:

    •  Make sure you know which day of the week your child has library. Get in the habit of helping them put their books in their backpack the night before to avoid scrambling that morning.
    • Become familiar with the way our books look. All Heath Library books have a barcode with "Heath" on the back of the book in the upper right hand corner. They all have white labels with the book's call number on the spine and our address stamped on the endpapers. Hardcovers have plastic covers on the jacket. 
    • Have a designated space where you keep library books and teach your child to use it. Maybe a spot in their room on top of a book shelf; a basket by their bed; a library bag. That way, your child will have an easier time finding the books on their own.
    Volunteer Opportunities page
    If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer in the library (shelving books, cleaning, displays etc.), please email me lindsay_anderson@psbma.org 
    Lindsay Anderson
    Heath School, Brookline MA