• The Heath School Site Council is an advisory board, consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal.  It helps identify students' educational needs and school goals. Specifically, the Council:

    • Makes recommendations to the Principal about the development, implementation, and assessment of the curriculum
    • Assists in reviewing the annual school budget
    • Helps formulate an annual school improvement plan to improve student performance and meet designated goals

    School Site Council Members, as of Fall 2023

    • Dr. Asa Sevelius, Principal
    • Lindsay Anderson, Librarian
    • Jennifer Watkins, School Psychologist
    • Kim Sontag, Grade 1
    • Hang Yee Hung, Paraprofessional
    • Anabelle Skalleberg, Parent
    • Nathalie Roberts, Parent
    • Lisa Kang, Parent
    • Lara Mego, Parent
    • Lynda Roseman, Community Member

    Agendas and Meeting Links: