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    Entering 6th Grade:
    For the rising 6th grade students, here are two sets of summer maths learning opportunities:
    Perseverance, curiosity, creativity, being strategic, holding a positive disposition towards problem solving are some key virtues of mathematicians! 
    Other fun opportunities to explore are:

    Next year in 6th grade, you will do a lot of work with fractions, decimals, and percents. Be on the look-out this summer for ways in which you use them in real life! Here are some ways that you might practice this summer:

    • Cook with your family- recipes often use fractional measurements. How would you double or “half” the recipe? 
    • Shop for bargains. Notice the “sale” signs, and what they mean. If I have a “20% off” coupon, what will be the sale price? 
    • Work with money- estimate the price of your groceries, make change, figure out the best deal by using unit price. 
    • Figure out the tip—if your family is at a restaurant, figure out how to determine the amount to leave for a tip.

    In addition to the choice board, find some maths puzzles and games to play online! 


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