• David Chaet, Alissa Ovadia, & Carolyn Magnanti: Guidance Counselors



    Contact Information:

    David Chaet
    phone: 617-879-4547
    Alissa Ovadia
    phone: 617-879-4548
    Carolyn Tracy
    phone: 617-879-4562

    How guidance can help?

    One of the curricula taught at Heath sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly is social-emotional development.  It is explicitly addressed in our Core Values (respect, grow, engage), in classroom meetings, and in our anti-bullying program (Olweus).  Implicitly, social cooperation permeates all interactions among students and staff, be it in a friendly greeting, a show of concern for someone in trouble, a “random act of kindness,” or some other helping hand.

    The guidance/school psychology staff provides in-class help with behavioral issues as they arise.  They offer consultation to both teachers and parents regarding any questions about a student's psychological well-being, whether they pertain to peer relationships, coping skills, or self-regulation of emotions and behavior. 

    Outside the classroom, the guidance/psychology staff sees children individually or in lunch groups, where we develop and practice norms for cooperation.  The goal is that children at Heath will learn through direct instruction, modeling, talking, and actual experience how to become well-adjusted.