• To be certain, all teachers and staff at Heath School are teachers of students with disabilities. This belief is at the very heart of our collective work. That said, there are members of our staff who are highly trained and experienced as educators of students with disabilities – providing direct services to students, consultation to staff members, and partnership with families to ensure a student with a disability has their needs met. Together, we help one another provide true opportunity for all of our learners, and an inclusive environment and curricula that allows every child to thrive.


    Jillian Dyment’s Contact Information:

    Students with Disabilities Team Facilitator K-8

    Heath School

    100 Eliot St.

    Chestnut Hill, MA 02131


    617-739-7570 (fax)



    A Message from Heath's Students with Disabilities Team:

    Services for Heath students with disabilities address the needs of identified learners with disabilities from preschool and K-8th grade (through our K-8 staff), who require specialized instruction to support access to the curriculum.  A wide range of services is provided to meet the individual needs of students, from academic intervention to related services in areas such as speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Availability of therapeutic services for students requiring targetted and specific intervention, as directed in their educational plans, in the realm of social, emotional and adjustment areas is present at all schools and levels.
    Staff that work closely with families of students with disabilities and regular education staff in assuring needed services are identified and provided to students in accordance with applicable mandates.  Strong collaboration is a concerted effort to provide services to students in the most inclusive manner which benefits all students within the class setting. Providing consultation, collaboration and professional development opportunities to both regular education and special education staff across the district is an active approach to further the joint efforts of all teachers to provide students with special education services in the most inclusive setting which is appropriate.  



    If you are not sure which other service providers work with your child, you can contact either your IEP Liaison or Jillian Dyment.

    Our K-8 Pupil Support Service staff here at Heath consists of the following professionals:


    Jillian Dyment: Students with Disabilities Team Facilitator for the Heath School, K-8 

    Nancy Dillon: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grades K-2 
    Jasmine Tierney: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grades 3-4 

    Chima Ikonne: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grade 5 

    Elizabeth Sullivan: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grade 6 

    Kelly Breen Gallant: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grade 7/8 

    Lisa Anne Guerra: Speech/Language Pathologist 

    Erica Landry: Speech/Language Pathologist, K-8, (part time) 

    Jennifer Baum: Occupational Therapist, K-8 (long term sub - full year) 

    Jen Watkins: School Psychologist  

    Shelby Sullivan: School Psychologist 

    Marissa Sloane: School Psychologist 

    Caryn Glazer: Adaptive Physical Education Teacher, K-8 

    Barbara Keenan: Physical Therapist, K-8 

    David Chaet: Guidance Counselor, 4-8  

    Alissa Ovadia: Guidance Counselor, K-3  




    Vision for Student Services at the Heath School:

    We maintain focus on student learning, upholding students' rights, and the charge of preparing students to be productive and engaged adult members of society. To do so, staff, parents, and administration collaborate and engage in meaningful problem solving through regular and consistent communication.  We work as a community to increase acceptance of all learners' individual strengths and differences.  In our collaborative efforts, we use and continue to improve our use of data (student work, test scores, observations, compliance data, etc) to make positive changes to our professional practice.


    What does support for a student with a disability look like?

    • Services are for students with educational disabilities who need specialized instruction and/or related services in order to make progress in the general curriculum.

    • Related services include Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, Psychological services, Behavioral Support services, etc.

    • Not all students who struggle in school need special education services.  Students who struggle in school may need general education interventions such as working with a specialist (literacy, math, guidance/psychology, etc) for short term intervention.  Teachers of Students with Disabilities or other related service providers may provide consultation and/or short term intervention.


    Who might need specialized support?

    •A student must have an educational disability

    •The student’s disability must be causing a lack of effective progress in the general curriculum or ability to function in the life of the school

    •The student must require specially designed instruction and/or related services in order to make progress.


    How is a referral made?

    • The School or a parent may make a referral for a special education evaluation if they suspect that a child has a disability and if that child is struggling in school despite interventions in the area of struggle.

    • After providing supports and interventions in the areas of struggle (utilizing the Child Study Process), the school, a teacher, or a Child Study Team may make a referral if it is suspected that a child has a disability that is preventing effective progress.

    • Parents may also make referrals.

    • All referrals for special education evaluation or inquiries regarding the special education process go to the Students with Disabilities Team Facilitator, Jillian Dyment.

    Important forms: