With the addition of a school adjustment counselor at each school, there have been some changes to our guidance team.  Our guidance counselors will support the following grades:

    • Tim Hintz:  Grades K-2  (timothy_hintz@psbma.org)
    • Chloe Wheaton:  Grades 3-5 (chloe_wheaton@psbma.org) 
    • Rachel Nenner-Payton: Grades 6-8 (rachel_nennerpayton@psbma.org)
    • Amy Reed: School Adjustment Counselor K-8 (amy_reed@psbma.org)


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    Dressing For Cold Weather

    As a reminder, please send your child(ren) to school with appropriate extreme cold weather gear for these bitter days. We monitor the air temperature and wind chills closely and only go out when temperatures are safe. It is important that students have a warm winter coat, mittens/gloves, and hat. When there is snow on the ground, students need boots and snow pants to play in the snow safely. 

    Please refer to the graphic below from www.weather.gov for some guidelines for how to dress for New England winters which includes dressing in layers since the outdoor and indoor temperatures vary so greatly. 

    Dressing for cold weather

    If you would like assistance purchasing gear to help keep your child(ren) safe in the extreme cold, please reach out to our guidance counselors (Tim Hintz, grades K-2; Chloe Wheaton, grades 3-5; Rachel Nenner-Payton, grades 6-8) for assistance.  


    Lost & Found
    We collect quite a few items in our Lost & Found, which is located close to the gym. Please send your children by the Lost & Found to claim lost items. At the end of January, unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.

    Grades 4-8: Conservatory Instruments
    Please remind your children to bring their conservatory instruments to school on the days they have music conservatory classes.  Also, please encourage them to bring their instruments home on the days they do not have conservatory classes so they can practice at home.

    Safety Reminder
    For safety reasons, please reinforce with your child that all students (and families) should use ‘the bridge’ or the marked crosswalk when walking from Pierce Park to or from the school.