• Pierce School Council

    The Pierce School Council is an advisory board, consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal.  It helps identify students' educational needs and school goals. Specifically, the Council:

    • Makes recommendations to the Principal about the development, implementation, and assessment of the curriculum.
    • Assists in reviewing the annual school budget.
    • Helps formulate an annual school improvement plan to improve student performance and meet designated goals.

    Click for 2015-2016 School Improvement Plan


    Thank you to School Site Council members Brian Bergstein, Sharon Liszankie and Serene Srouji for their work these last few years working with parents, teachers and administrators to develop and implement School Improvement Goals and support curriculum and instruction efforts at Pierce. Thank you Brian, Sharon and Serene!

    Welcome to Gretchen Heefner, Tiffany Rinne, Mary Roarke and Jean Teillon - our new School Site Council parent representatives.   We also welcome new staff representative Susan Harvey.  Thank you for stepping up to serve the Pierce community!

    2016-2017 School Council Members

    Christine Kelley, Principal & Co-Chair
    Naomi Sweitzer, Parent Representative & Co-Chair


    Liz Balzano, Teacher, 4th Grade
    Tracy Bare, Teacher, 8th Grade
    Caroline Connors, Teacher, 3rd Grade
    Lauren Kelly, Teacher, Kindergarten
    Melissa London, Teacher, 6th Grade
    Jamie Yadoff, Teacher, 8th Grade 

    Jennifer Amigone
    Gretchen Heefner
    Tiffany Rinne
    Mary Roarke
    Jennifer Rothstein
    Naomi Sweitzer
    Jean Teillon

    Community Representative
    Ellen Ball

    Minutes from Meetings