• Student Charlie Card image

    - student at Pierce School
    - age 12 or older

    To get one, go to the main office and ask to sign up for the reduced fare student T pass. It should be available to pickup after a few days.

    Any student can use the reduced fare T passes by loading it like a normal card, but with a 50% off discount. The card that a student will receive is a S-Card. With it, you can do the following:
    - Year-round, use your card to get discounted fares and passes
    - Load your card with a $30.00 monthly or $10 7-Day pass for unlimited travel on the bus and subway
    - Show your card to get 50% off the standard one-way fare or monthly pass for Commuter Rail and ferry, printed on a CharlieTicket

    You can load cash value to your S-Card at: Reload Charlie card
    - Fare vending machines
    - Onboard fare boxes on buses and trolleys at street-level stops
    - MBTA retail sales locations
    - The CharlieCard Store at Downtown Crossing
    For more information, look at mbta.com/fares/reduced/student-charliecards

    Safety Tips for Public Transit:
    - Ride with an adult for the first few times on the T
    - Wait until the vehicle fully stops before getting on
    - Stay near the driver/operator when there's not many people
    - Keep personal belongings close to your body
    - If there is any suspicious activity, report it to the operator or MBTA staff immediately
    - Learn more on mbta.com/safety/safety-tips