• At Heath School, we set the bar high for students, so it is right that we set the bar higher for ourselves as educators. That means leading from a place of collaboration, celebration, love, and an unrelenting drive for providing the highest quality public education for every student who joins us at Heath.

    Educators at Heath School are engaged in a school-wide conversation around coaching/collaboration, educational equity, mindset, the complex and intricate connections between teaching practice and student outcomes, and how to nurture classroom and school cultures in which students feel in control of their own learning. Our families also have a powerful perspective on this work, and we welcome their insights on the joys, struggles, and growth their child experiences during the school year.

    The school fosters community in many ways, including: showcasing service learning during our school-wide Day of Service, providing support for our Gay-Lesbian-Transgender-Straight Alliance (grades 6-8), hosting a Young Scholars Program for students of color (grades 4-8), and by electing representatives (in grades 4-8) to serve on Student Council. All grades participate in community service and serve the greater community in myriad ways throughout their years at Heath.

    The PTO plays an important role in the school and organizes many events to encourage parent participation. All families are members of the PTO. Heath School is well supported by our families and grateful for their partnership.

    We consider ourselves to be craftsmen and innovators and work hard to ensure that students see themselves this way, as well. As professionals, we model risk-taking and mistake-making and work to develop a sense of safety in our classrooms so that students will also have the courage to take educational risks in service of getting smarter. We also recognize that risk-taking is not only in service of academic gains; we work for equity and social justice, often risky endeavors, at Heath School and use our voices and talents to uplift all in our community. This is our shared vision, our North Star, and we are relentless in meeting the call of providing a high-quality education to all students, each of whom is a pleasure to serve.

    Finally, our hope is that the work outlined in the School Improvement Plan will directly impact students and that students will be able to articulate the impact of our work on their learning outcomes.

    You'll find our current School Improvement Plan here:

    School Improvement Plan, Fall 2017-Spring 2020

    School Improvement Plan, Winter 2021-Spring 2024 – In process