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    What Is a Science Fair?

    A science fair is a place for students to present their science projects to professional scientists and to the community. Its main purpose is to get you excited about science by doing it rather than simply learning about it. A scientist first asks a question about some aspect of the world and then tries to find its answer. At the science fair, each student presents a project, both visually and orally, with the question and answer displayed in an interesting way. Students should be able to explain their projects and answer questions. The science fair will also include a science activity expo, where students will have an opportunity to see and interact with cool technologies, devices, and scientists.


    Science Fair Goals:

    - students will understand and be able to apply the scientific method,
    - students will develop intellectual curiosity about how things work,
    - students will become aware of how science is relevant to the real world
    - bring public awareness to the field of science.


    Take a look at the first Heath Science Fair here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/sgNRYxz7Vi6W7/