Hayes Science Fair - Project Components

  • Every project, whether a team project or an individual project, should include a few different components that are modeled after the Massachusetts Science + Engineering Fair (MSEF) required components. For an overview, see what a past Science Fair has looked like and then check out this document about how to prepare for the big day. Projects don't have to have all of these components, especially in the younger grades, but the more you can do the better:

    All Projects Should Have

    Science Fair Display Board Example

    Projects Should Try to Have

    • Project Plan - If you are a middle school student and plan to participate in the regional or state fair, then you will need a research plan that is approved BEFORE you start your project - Form 1A & 1B (C and D, if needed). You will submit your project plan in the answers to your questions on the forms that you submit for approval. But it's a great idea for everyone to come up with a research plan first so that you can be sure your project is safe and doable. Suggestions can be found here.

    • Project Report (a.k.a. Lab Report or Research Paper) - This is your written report of your project where you describe your process, research and analysis. It may not be required at the regional fair level, but we recommend creating at least a draft because it can help you think through how you present your work. You’ll also want to list your research sources. Guides are available both for an Engineering Project and a Science Project.

    • Abstract - An abstract is a short summary of your project. While the Middle School Fairs do not require the abstract it can be good practice to have a summary. If you go to other fairs, you are often asked for a project description and so the abstract can serve as that for you. Suggestions can be found here.