• Devotion Leadership Team

    We are thrilled to be part of the Devotion School, a vibrant K-8 learning community, where every child is valued and our goal is to meet the needs of all learners.  As we begin a time of transition where we are one school with two locations, we understand the need to maintain our K-8 identity knowing we will be reunited once the new Devotion School is complete.

    Student learning and achievement is our priority at Lower and Upper Devotion.  Therefore, we are committed to creating safe, welcoming and respectful learning environments. We strive to support each student on their path to engaged citizenship in our community and society at large. Both Responsive Classroom at the elementary level and Developmental Designs at the middle school grades, are social Emotional Learning  programs that were selected by the Public Schools of Brookline to foster positive student behavior of learning. Students learn to respect themselves and others while honoring the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and learning differences that are part of the fabric of the Edward Devotion School.

    We  support faculty and staff as they provide students with the instructional experiences they need to achieve success.  As stated by James Comer and Norris Hayes, “The meaningful involvement of parents and supports from the community are essential.” We agree!  Therefore, we value and encourage families to continue being active and involved in the learning process.

    Our doors are open and we will be communicating weekly via our blogs on the homepage of the newly designed Devotion School website (http://www.brookline.12.ma.us/Devotion).  You can also follow us @DevoSchool (Lower Devotion) and @Upper Devotion.


    The Devotion Leadership Team

    Jen Buller

    Dave O’Hara

    Lower Devotion:  617-879-4400


    Monica Crowley

    Saeed Ola

    Upper Devotion:  617-879-4930