Who We Are

  • The Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is an all-volunteer organization of parents/guardians of children with disabilities in the preschool, elementary school, high school, and in out of district schools (via Brookline placements) who meet to learn more about special education in Brookline. We sponsor workshops, informational meetings, discussion groups, legislative lobbying efforts and a variety of other activities to help improve our children's education.

    SEPAC meets monthly with the Brookline Special Education Administration staff. These meetings present a good opportunity for parents/guardians who have a child provided with special education (i.e. on an IEP) to be represented on a regular basis. The meetings include discussing special educational issues, disseminating information on upcoming special educational initiatives, as well as other discussions. These meetings are open to all Brookline parents/guardians (or their representatives) and Town of Brookline representatives (school educators, administrators, School Committee members, ...etc.).

    Meeting notices along with other communications are sent via email for those parents who register to the town's site. The town has designated a site for SEPAC that is completely confidential for SEPAC members. You may register for these emails at the link, SEPAC Register. The website also provides information regarding SEPAC's activities along with information relating to special education.

    Coolidge Corner School has 2 parent liasons, Philip Ruedi (pwruedi@gmail.com) and Shauna Betof  (sbetof@gmail.com).  They invite you to reach out to them with any questions. 
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