Study Center

We are pleased to be able to offer an after school Study Center for students in grades 3-6 this year.  The Study Center will provide participants with a quiet environment and staff support with academic work.  The goal of the Study Center is to help establish and build on effective study skills, routines, and work habits.  

Students may sign up for one or more days at the Study Center (Monday - Thursday).  It is expected that they report to the designated space by 2:35pm so that all students can be accounted for.   The Study Center closes at 3:35pm.  Students may choose to bring a nut free snack with them to the Study Center.  

At the Study Center students have the opportunity to complete short and long term assignments, homework, or other schoolwork they may need support in finishing.  The supported environment will help students understand assignments, work on organizational skills, and receive assistance with home/class work.  In order to make the best use of their time students should come prepared to work with the necessary materials needed to complete their assignments.  Students should also bring an independent reading book to read should they complete their work prior to the close of the Study Center.  All students who are attending the Study Center are expected to stay until the Study Center closes, unless their parent/guardian has indicated otherwise on the notification/contract form (link at the bottom of this page).  

In an effort to create a distraction free environment that supports student learning expected behavior at Study Center includes: arriving prepared to work with the tools and assignments needed, speaking respectfully to adults and other students in the Study Center, following the directions of the adult supervisors of the Study Center, using the time in the Study Center to work on building solid study skills and work habits.  

Parents/guardians should complete the online form below if they would like their student to attend Study Center.  Once the form has been completed the student may begin attending Study Center.  We look forward to being able to provide this opportunity for our grades 3-6 students.  

Study Center Form: