• Borrowing Limits

    Students in kindergarten may borrow one book at a time.  Students in grades 1-2 may borrow up to two books at a time.  Students in grades 3-8 may borrow up to two books at a time, although additional books may be checked out for school projects. 

    Loan Period

    The loan period for all library books is 2 weeks.  Students may renew their library books for an additional two weeks unless the items are needed by other students.  

    Overdue Books

    Students with overdue library books will not be allowed to check out more until the overdue items are returned.


    We do not charge fines for overdue library materials.

    Lost or Damaged Books

    Please help us keep our shelves filled with wonderful, clean books!  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair we ask that the student pay to replace the book; $6.00 for paperback books or $18.00 for hardcover books.  A check should be made out to the Pierce Library Fund and turned into the library so that we can purchase a new copy of the title that was lost or damaged.