The personalized nature of the program is planned to accommodate individual arrival times within the first 15 minutes of the program. Arrival time can be overwhelming when there are too many adults in the classroom. Our goal is to create a child-centered environment where children can say good-bye and settle in comfortably.
    We ask that you follow these guidelines to make for a smooth beginning each day:
    Please do not enter the classroom before the official beginning of class.  Teachers need this time to set up activities and review daily plans.
    ⇨ Help your child to hang up his or her coat and put snack in the cubby, but encourage independence with these tasks.
    ⇨ If you wish to spend a little more time with your child, remember to stay low, participating at his/her level.
    ⇨ Always say good-bye to your child and tell him/her when you will return or who will be picking him/her up.
    ⇨ Please refrain from chatting with other parents in the classroom. This can be distracting for the children. Step into the hallway, away from the classroom, where you can talk comfortably and not disturb the class.
    Arriving on time and attending consistently is important for your child to feel comfortable and secure.
    We depend on all children arriving during the arrival period when teachers are available to individually greet you and your child and support a successful transition.
    If, on occasion, you are unable to arrive during the designated arrival period, please wait until circle time is over before entering the classroom.
    ⇨ After an active school day, children eagerly await the arrival of their parent or caregiver. 
    In order to help your child feel secure it is essential that s/he be picked up promptly at the end of the session.
    At pick up time, your child can only be released to his/her parents/legal guardians unless you authorize, in writing, that another specified adult(s) has permission to pick up your child. You can write your own letter of authorization or you can use BEEP’s Child Release Authorization Form to authorize people who will be picking up your child on a regular basis during the school year.
    ⇨ At the end of the program your child needs your support to say good-bye, gather his/her clothing and artwork, and leave for home. A regular routine makes this a positive transition.
    ⇨ Parents should check at pick up time for newsletters from the teachers and notices about special projects, activities, events, meetings and conferences. If you have specific questions about your child, please contact the teacher for an appointment or a phone call. We try to respect issues of confidentiality at drop off and pick up.
    Please be sure to read notices and newsletters. Teachers depend on this to keep you connected to the life of the classroom.