History of BEEP

  • The Brookline Early Education Program is an outgrowth of the Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP), a ten year research project demonstrating that quality education for young children enhances their later success in school. All teachers who work in BEEP classrooms are employed by The Public Schools of Brookline and hold degrees and certification through the Department of Education. Parent fees, grants and the Public Schools fund these programs.
    The Brookline Early Education Program has a long history of service to young children and their families providing rich, developmentally appropriate educational opportunities in inclusive classrooms throughout the community. The program had grown to over 300 students in all of the elementary schools as well as the High School and Lynch Center; however, due to substantial increases in enrollment system-wide, a number of the early education programs needed to move to off-site locations. This provided unique opportunities and illustrates the need for consistency in program model, school values and traditions. Growth goes hand in hand with change. It is our goal to support our changing structure with open communication and transparency.