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    (Brookline Early Education Program) 

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    Our program is based on the experiences and findings of the Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP 1972-1983). Based in the Brookline Public Schools, the project was a research and service program working with 300 families and their newborn children until the children’s entry into kindergarten. The final results indicated that high quality early childhood programs make a significant difference in children’s future school success.
    BEEP Preschools serve children 2.9 – 3.2 years of age for one year.  The following year they attend Pre-K. BEEP Pre-K programs serve three to five year old children for one or two years before kindergarten. Our program offers an educational experience based on developmental theory that supports each child’s individual needs and nurtures a sense of confidence and developing independence. A variety of educational materials and equipment, organized in interest centers, provide engaging and challenging choices that spark exploration, creativity and mastery of new skills. Children learn by doing as they interact with the planned environment and with one another. The curriculum is based upon each child’s strengths, needs and interests.  
    All of our classrooms are special education inclusive. This means that some of the children enter the program with special needs that have been identified by an evaluation process. As part of the individualized program that all children receive, these children might also participate in speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy. The therapists typically work in the classroom with small groups of children. The mix of needs, abilities and interests of our students along with the insights and expertise of our interdisciplinary team, results in an enriched environment for all.   We believe that a close relationship between home and school is an essential element in a quality early childhood program. As parents you are the most important people in your child’s life. We need your help in order to plan a quality program that meets your child’s developmental needs. We ask that you become involved in the program and lend support to our efforts. We hope to support you as parents as well.