BEEP 2019-2020 School Year Tuition

    BEEP Preschool and Pre-K Morning Programs 
    Monday- Friday, 8:00am- 12:15pm: $10,900
    BEEP Exended Day Programs (until 3pm)
    5 days per week, 12:15pm - 3:00pm: $6,936
    3 days per week, 12:15pm - 3:00pm: $4,161 
    2 days per week, 12:15pm - 3:00pm: $2,775
    BEEP Extended Day Programs (until 5:45pm)  
    5 days per week, 12:15pm - 5:45pm: $11,600
    3 days per week, 12:15pm - 5:45pm: $6,960
    2 days per week, 12:15pm - 5:45pm:  $4,639 
    BEEP Payment & Withdrawal Policies
    1. When families are accepted to BEEP they are asked to put down a deposit to secure the space. This deposit is applied to tuition for the school year. The deposit is non-refundable if a family withdraws from the program at any time.
    2. Each family receives a tuition contract specifying the total cost and the payments due for the particular program. (For those families receiving scholarship assistance the amount is deducted from the tuition total.) Tuition contracts offer three options for payment. 
    3. Tuition Payments
    Make checks out to the Town of Brookline and mail them to: 
    Brookline Early Education Program
    333 Washington Street
    Brookline, MA 02445
    The tax ID number for BEEP is 046 00 1102.
    4. If a family falls behind with payments (without prior approval from the Principal or Program Coordinators) you will be asked to pay the remainder of the balance in full in order for your child to continue to attend the program.


    IF AT ANY TIME DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR YOU ANTICIPATE MOVING OR WITHDRAWING YOUR CHILD FROM THE PROGRAM, PLEASE NOTIFY THE PROGRAM SUPERVISOR IMMEDIATELY. It is necessary to give a minimum of one month's notice before withdrawing from a BEEP classroom. We need this information for classroom balance, financial planning and to plan an appropriate good-bye transition for your child. You are responsible for the full month's tuition for the month during which your child is leaving.

    Tuition Assistance

    We understand that some families may require tuition assistance to access early education programs. BEEP may only provide tuition assistance to families who meet the state guidelines for low-income vouchers.
    Tuition assistance applications should be mailed to:
    Brookline Early Education Program
    333 Washington Street
    Brookline, MA 02445

    If you have any questions, please contact the BEEP office at (617) 713-5471 or