Parents are asked to provide a snack and beverage for their child each day. (For those attending extended day, lunch and a second beverage are needed as well, packed in a separate bag.) Please send snack or lunch in a labeled lunch box or bag. Foods that need to be kept cold should be sent in an insulated lunch bag with a frozen gel pack or a frozen juice box. Food that your child prefers warm, should be heated at home and sent to school in a thermal container. We do not have the ability to individually heat student lunches at school. Please refrain from sending in “sweets” (candy, soda, cake) as part of the snack. Some suggestions of foods you might provide include: crackers and cheese, cut up fruits, raw vegetables, bagel and cream cheese, muffins or breads, yogurt, milk, juice. The teacher has additional snacks on hand if children need it.
    Please note:
    In the event that a child in the group has a life-threatening allergy, some foods might need to be restricted.