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    Students in Grades K– 4 visit the library weekly for book borrowing and classes. Books are checked out for three weeks and can be renewed by coming to the library or by emailing the librarian. The thirteen library computers and other library resources are used by individuals and by groups throughout the day.

    LIBRARY PROGRAM: A Brief Overview

    Kindergarten Students are introduced to a wide variety of picture books arranged by theme and connected to their classroom units whenever possible. Over the course of the year, students learn the parts of the book: cover, jacket, end papers, title page; and some technical terms: gutter, spine, wrap-around, double page spread. Nursery rhymes and poems round out their library visits.

    Grade 1 We continue to read picture books and poetry with the classes. We begin the year with an author study of Mem Fox whose work is ideal for emerging readers, with its use of repetition, rhyme, pattern and predictability. Other authors studied include Helen Lester and Uri Shulevitz. We end the year with an introduction to non-fiction picture books and a discussion of the the differences between finction and non-fiction.

    Grade 2 We explore folk tales from around the world featuring noodleheads, and then tricksters. Second graders enjoy the absurd in these international tales.

    Grade 3 We introduce American Tall Tale Heroes and Heroines, pointing out their connection to the geography and the settling of this country. We explore classic fairy tales, comparing different versions and illustrators.

    Caldecott Night In December and January, we survey the best of the year’s picture books and decide on our favorite for the Devotion School Caldecott winner. Caldecott Night at Devotion happens in January; students in Grades K-3 are invited with their families to sample the year’s top picture books and vote for a favorite. After the national winners are announced by the American Library Association, students see and discuss all the medal winners.

    Grade 4 Students explore the different genres in fiction: realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and mystery. We find books using the library catalog, practicing with author, title, subject and keyword. We compare different Native American tales, looking at universal categories such as: objects with power; journey; importance of nature; magic and transformation.

    Grade 5 We practice note taking and explore different types of encyclopedias and atlases. Students use books and pre-selected on-line sites for research. We read myths and legends connected to the year’s Social Studies work. We review the different areas of the library and the way the books are arranged. Students continue to use the library catalog to find books.

    Grade 6 Students sample and evaluate non-fiction books looking for different elements such as table of contents, index, maps and charts, etc. We also look at biography and discuss issues such as bias, public and private lives, important influences and achievements. Students browse our extensive poetry collection searching for poetic devices: metaphor, simile, alliteration, hyperbole.

    Massachusetts Book Award   Throughout the months of January and February, the fifth and sixth grades participate in the Massachusetts Book Award. Twenty-five books are nominated in this statewide event. As their required independent reading, students are required to read five books from the list during these two months. They post their comments, reactions and recommendations on an on-line blog. Each year, the excitement and enthusiasm generated by the books as well as the genuine book discussions that happen make it a high point of the year.




    Library Hours

    Mon: 7:45 am — 2:45 pm
    Tue: 7:45 am — 2:45 pm
    Wed: 7:45 am — 3:00 pm
    Thu: 7:45 am — 3:00 pm
    Fri: 7:45 am—1:40 pm

    Students must be in grade 4 or older to work in the library after school. Younger children who wish to stay in the library must be accompanied by an adult. The library is an important work place for students so we ask that all users work quietly. The computers in the library are for school use only.


    Library Contact Information:

Phone: 617 879 4444


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Julie Seifert