The smallest number of circles you need to move to make the new design is two circles.  Solutions are:1) moving circles C and D  or2) moving Circles B and F or3) moving Circles E and A or



    Archived Problems of the Week   




    There are 17 different combinations of fruit that Katie could have bought.

    Spencer ran a total of 40 meters.  
    POW #3:  Passive Patterns  

    15th object is a triangle. The 28th object is a down arrow. The 101st object is an up arrow.

    POW #4: Birthday Candles The total number of candles is 35, if the last candle in the pattern is white.      
     POW #5: Sweet Possibilities There are 48 different ice cream combinations.
    POW #6: Jumping Frogs
    Both frogs land on lily pads #6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36.
    There could be 2 crabs and 2 starfish to make 30 legs or there could be 1 crab and 4 starfish, since crabs have 10 legs and starfish have 5 (technically, arms).
    POW#8: Trail Mix

    If you make the recipe for 10 servings, you need:

    • 2 ½ cups of raisins
      • 15 cups of cereal
    • 10 cups of pretzel sticks
    • 5 cups of chocolate chips
    POW #9: Charlie's Gumballs

    Charlie started with 120 gumballs.

    POW #10:  100 Grapes

    On Monday, Angela ate 8 grapes because 8 +14 + 20 + 26 + 32 = 100

     POW #11:  Soccer Sneaks  The size 4 sneaker belongs to Betsy, the size 6 sneaker belongs to Shari, the size 7 sneaker belongs to Liz, the size 8 sneaker belongs to Mark and the size 9 sneaker goes to Wyman.
    POW #12:  Boxed In Out of 64 cubes, 52 cubes touched the side or bottom of the box.
    POW #13: Moving Circles  

    The smallest number of circles you need to move to make the new design is two circles.  

    Solutions are:  1) moving circles C and D; 2) moving Circles B and F; or 3) moving Circles E and A

    POW #14:  Pizza Night 1/4 of the pizza has pepperoni, 1/4 of the pizza has extra cheese, and 1/2 or 2/4 of the pizza has mushrooms.
    POW #15:  PB & J 4 of the students liked neither peanut butter or jelly.
    POW #16:Pierce Book Fair   

    If Anna had 12 dimes and 3 nickels, she would have 15 coins and $1.35.

    If Royce had 8 dimes and 2 quarters, he would have $1.30 and he would have one-fourth as many quarters as dimes. 
    POW#17:  Buying a Book

    Adam needs 4 more dollars. With quarters and dimes, he could have:

    16 quarters and 0 dimes

    14 quarters and 5 dimes

    12 quarters and 10 dimes or

    10 quarters and 15 dimes or

    8 quarters and 20 dimes or

    6 quarters and 25 dimes or

    4 quarters and 30 dimes or

    2 quarters and 35 dimes or

    0 quarters and 40 dimes