Google Search Tips

    If you think that Google is just another simple search engine, then think again. There are a number of tricks that you may use to help with your research.

    Google Tips and Tricks has strategies that every good researcher should know and use.
    To search on only educational sites such as schools, colleges, and universities, use the wording "site:edu" as part of your criteria. This limits your search results to just those from ".edu" sites. Don't forget that you should still evaluate the source before using any material. And, of course, proper citations are always a must if you decide to use any results in your work!
    Test yourself with a fund game. A Google A Day is a great game that will help teach you and also test your search skills. New challenges are posted daily.
    Database Search Tips
    Library databases provide access to published information sources including magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, journals, videos, images, and other resources.

    Library databases also:
    Are searchable
    Provide citation information
    Often contain full-text articles. You can print, save, or email and entire article.