• Ms. Horst and Ms. Hart

     Laura Horst (Vice Principal) and Allyson Hart (Principal)

  • Allyson Hart, Principal of Lawrence, joins the PSB after ten years of being a school leader in Boston.  Ms. Hart has an educational background in school counseling, educational leadership and horticulture.  She enjoys spending time with her family - including her two children Jonah and Vivienne.  She also enjoys gardening, creative endeavors, visiting farms and reading. Her partner, Anne-Marie, keeps her grounded and supports her work as a school administrator by being a good listener and taking the lead on managing their household!
    As part of our school wide professional development, teachers and staff were led through an activity in identifying their core values and creating statements based on those values.  
    Here is Ms. Hart's:
    "I come to this work with the belief that we can become our best selves when we feel cared for, engaged + part of something bigger than ourselves.  We can overcome our greatest challenges by relying on trusted allies to help us see our gaps and assets through authentic feedback and nurturing."

    In her 4th year as the Vice Principal of Lawrence, Laura Horst, is taking the lead in grades K-5 after working closely with middle school students, staff, and families for the past 3 years. 
    Ms. Horst trained as a teacher in Brookline through the Masters in Teaching program at Simmons College in Boston. After teaching 7th and 8th grade ELA in Brookline for 7 years, Ms. Horst became an Assistant Principal at a traditional middle school in a neighboring community for two years before returning to Brookline to the K-8 model, to be able to form long standing relationships with students, families, and staff.
    Outside of school, Ms. Horst enjoys spending time with her family and friends and especially enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, biking, and long walks on the beach. 
    Below is Ms. Horst's core values statement: "I come to this work with the belief that all individuals have the right to be respected, cared for, and valued as part of a joyful and collaborative community in which learning and growth is valued."