LEDP provides high quality after-school programming throughout the school year to as many K-6th grade children of working families as possible within the Lawrence community, while ensuring a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment. Currently LEDP serves 25% of all Lawrence families.
    The Lawrence Extended Day Program is dedicated to stimulating our children’s intellectual curiosity by exposing them to new ideas, and to enriching their character development by broadening their sense of community and service.
    For the working families of Lawrence School with K-6th grade children, LEDP strives to provide a safe, comprehensive, consistent, kids-focused, innovative, academically enriching afterschool program run by highly-qualified and talented professionals who align LEDP programming with the in-school academic curriculum and socially-conscious service philosophy. Our working parent-controlled Board oversees the program and, along with our staff, works hard to earn the trust of our students, parents, the Lawrence classroom teachers, local and town-wide school administration, and other Brookline EDPs.