• Welcome Message
    Kindergarten is where students develop a love for lifelong learning. As Kindergarten teachers, it is our priority to ensure that our students feel loved, supported, and safe while at school. Our day incorporates social emotional and academic learning through hands-on multi-modal activities.  This is where the joyful learning begins.

  • K Squad
     Jessica Gordon (KG), Dominique Ferdinand (KF), Liz Exton (KE) and Nora Carpenter (KC)

    K Squad Paras

    Danielle Diaz (KF), Cara Perakis (KE), Shannon Cline (KC) and Meigan Risse (KG)
  • Classroom Links
    KG and KE are using Seesaw
    KC is useing KC blog
    KF will send weekly emails

    - Information for Spanish, art, PE and music can be found at each teacher's resource

    - Town resources for grades PreK to second

    KC: Nora Carpenter and Shannon Cline
    email: nora_carpenter@psbma.org
    office hours: please email teacher

    KE: Liz Exton and Cara Perakis

    email: liz_exton@psbma.org
    office hours: please email teacher

    KF: Dominique Ferdinand and Danielle Diaz
    email: dominique_ferdinand@psbma.org
    office hours: please email teacher

    KG: Jessica Gordon and Meigan Risse
    email: Jessica_gordon@psbma.org
    office hours: please email teacher