• Cross Country

    The P.E. staff works together to help prepare students to run/jog one-mile. The final meet will be held at Larz Anderson Park.

    Dates: mid-September to mid-October
    Expectations: Students are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. Students are welcomed to participate in all practices, but in order to compete, they are required to commit to at least 2 practices and have the ability to run/jog one mile.
    Practices:  The P.E. staff will hold practices before and after school a few weeks prior to the meet.  The practices are designed to gradually increase a student’s cardiovascular endurance and build upon muscular strength and endurance in order for students to get their best one-mile time.
    Size of Team: Schools are allowed to take as many participants as they would like, we as the P.E. staff will make a decision based on student ability, effort, sportsmanship and participation.  A list of participants will be posted one week prior to meet to let the students and faculty know.
    Permission slips:  Students who are chosen for the meet will be given a permission slip to be filled out by the parents and returned to the P.E. staff.