• Fifth grade is a transitional and transformative year.  It is the last year of elementary school. As a result, fifth graders are considered the “leaders” in the elementary world. Students learn to be independent, organized, and responsible for their own learning.  A major component of fifth grade is to develop a growth mindset by persisting and not being afraid to make mistakes. Students learn that by making mistakes, they are helping their brains grow.  We also focus on being part of a community through service learning and teamwork.  Students are given the opportunity to work independently and in groups on projects in and out of the classroom.  They are challenged with various learning opportunities and the flexibility of taking their projects to a higher level.  Our goal is that by the end of fifth grade, students feel prepared for the academic and social challenges of middle school.  We hope that our students become the best versions of themselves, that they continue to develop their growth mindsets, and that they understand that character is just as important as academics.

  • Classroom Links:
    All fifth grade classes will be using Google Classroom. Each 3-5 student can login into Google Classroom through their PSBMA account.


    Town resources for third to fifth grade