• 6-8 Science and Math
    Brandon Chan (6-3, 6th Science), Gigi Luckett (6&7 Math & Science), Charles Deily (7-2, 7&8 Math), Ryan Keser (8-3, 7&8 Science), Lora Smid (6-2, 6th Math)
    6-8 Humanities
    Margaret Avakian (6-1, 6th ELA), Noel Smyth (8-1, 7&8 ELA), Ellen Putnam (7-2, 7th ELA & 6th Social Studies), Greg Porter (6-4, 6&7 Social Studies) and  Kate Hollander (8-2, 7&8 Social Studies)
  • The Lawrence Middle School offers a cohesive approach to the education and cultivation of life long learners.  The 6th - 8th grade teaching team values all learners and provides appropriate levels of scaffolding and support in order to meet the needs of all of our diverse learners, including extra help and additional challenge when necessary.  Common expectations, language and goals allow for a streamlined approach to enabling all of our students to achieve self advocacy skills, responsibility over their own learning and independence.  By using a gradual release of responsibility we encourage students to internalize skills and strategies that will enable them to achieve success long after they leave our classrooms.  We welcome you into our middle school and hope you and your children enjoy the next few years of your learning experience.

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