• Summer Math at Lawrence School

    It is our tradition at Lawrence School to encourage students and families to continue “learning activities” throughout the summer.  This summer, the math specialists will be providing ideas and resources for summer math explorations through our website.

    Every person engages with math in a different way based on their acquired skills, their interests, and the resources they have available.  We would like to encourage each student to find ways to engage in math that is interesting, challenging, and accessible to that particular student.  

    Some students will want to practice math they have learned about in school, some will want to learn about new mathematical ideas, and others will want to find new ways to apply and explore math ideas they are comfortable with.  There is a page on the website with resources for setting math goals. Each student should set a goal about something specific they would like to spend time with and choose activities that work toward that goal.

    We hope that you will find opportunities to do many of these chosen activities through the resources available on our website.  If you are looking for specific resources that you do not find on the website or if you do not have ready access to the internet during the summer, please let your math specialist know and we can work out an alternative for you.  

    This summer we would like you to explore the math you find all around you.  Tell us about what you discover by recording at least 20 mathematical explorations/activities you do this summer and bring your record to your classroom teacher in September to be recognized.  Use the "Summer Math Recording Sheet" to set goals for your summer work and record the activities that you do. You can record some of the explorations you find on the website, or write about your own ideas.  

    In addition to these self-selected math adventures, students entering grades 6,7, and 8 will have some required math work to do over the summer.  These assignments will also be accessible through the website. Student work and thinking should be brought back to the child’s math teacher in September for a homework grade.