Learning at the Start of School

Posted by Monica Crowley on 9/16/2019 7:00:00 AM

K-5 Open House

Thursday, September 26th




3-5 families visit classrooms

K-2 families visit specialists in large gym



3-5 families visit specialists in large gym

K-2 families visit classrooms.


The Brookline Public Health Department cautions the Brookline community about the dangers associated with vaping. The attached advisory has additional information from the Centers for Disease Control and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Given the importance of this public health matter to our community, the Public Schools of Brookline has scheduled a parent presentation about vaping for late October. We invite all parents and guardians to join us, and we especially hope that those who have middle school and high school students will attend. Here are the details:

The Truth About Vaping
Monday, October 28
Brookline High School Auditorium


Learning at the Start of School

The first weeks of school are important as educators are teaching ways of being by using positive teacher language to set students up for a year of engaged and productive learning.  Laura Horst (administrator for grades 3-5), Peter Cipparone (administrator for grades K-2) and I (administrator for grades 6-8) have been visiting classrooms. We have seen students excited about their learning and engaged in their academics.  We would like to share some of our observations.


Kindergarten-Students have been going on school tours to get to know the school while meeting members of the Lawrence community who they can ask for help if needed.  They have also been building class structures, organizing camp trips, listening to read alouds and meeting new friends.


Grade 1-Students were engaged in math learning while estimating how many Legos were on the center of the rug and then estimating by color.  Students also made individual puzzle pieces to later connect to make a class community puzzle. They have begun learning about communities and the special people who are a part of their communities.


Grade 2-Students were introduced to their class libraries, and all the books that are available for them to read.  Many books are about science and social studies topics, which students were looking forward to read. Other visits saw students exploring pattern blocks and creating pattern designs.


Grade 3-Students were  learning about how their brains make connections; everyone’s brain sees visuals differently. They were practicing thinking flexibly, taking responsible risks, and sharing their thinking and reasoning as they encountered different visuals in mathematics. 


Grade 4-Students have been thinking about, sharing, and writing about their hopes and dreams for 4th grade. They are also setting up routines for Reader’s Workshop and sharing ways that they choose independent reading books.


Grade 5-Students have been sharing favorite independent reading books and making recommendations for peers. They had their first conservatory class and are ready to make music!


Grade 6-Students have been building community during advisory and brainstorming together how they can support each other to be the best student they can be with so many new teachers and responsibilities.  


Grade 7-Students were using observations and inferences to write claims, evidences and reasonings. They were also engaged in writer’s workshop while writing about summer moments.


Grade 8-Students were sharing their ideas on how to estimate the angle of a rotation with a pair of quadrilaterals.  Later in the day they were grappling with how one identifies, how others’ identify and the implications of stereotypes.


We have our first full week behind us and 173 learning filled days ahead!



Laura, Peter and Monica