"Starbooks" Cafe with Kindergarteners!

Posted by Monica Crowley on 3/2/2020 7:00:00 AM

Kindergarten Literacy Experience as a result of PD, in class Coaching, and K-2 Staff Reflections about Literacy Professional Development.

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Impact on Kindergarten: Teachers have had the K-2 Literacy Coach working in their classrooms twice a week since September. Together, the coach and the team have been collaborating around writing.  Below is the culminating event that they planned which took place Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Kindergarten teachers, students and families celebrated writing this morning at the "Starbooks Cafe". The process that students went through to create poems, show & tell books and pattern books were on display for all to see.  Parents learned about how students generate ideas, draft, revise and publish as Kindergartners. The teachers had photocopied students' writing so that they were able to see the writing in various stages of the writing process.   They were also able to see the tools used by their students--felt-tip pens, fix it tape, and snap words(cards).  All of which supported their student's growth as a writer.  The best part of the event? The pride, excitement and joy that was palpable in the room. Congratulations to all of the Kindergarten students for their very first piece of work published here at Lawrence School!

K-2 Literacy Coach-  Jill Demsey

K-2 Literacy Professional Development with Literacy Coach Jill Demsey

Classroom teachers, Special Educators, EL Teachers and Literacy Specialists have had the incredible opportunity to work together during professional development. Below is an excerpt from our coach summarizing staff feedback on the most recent professional development day.  The feedback also includes staff’s reflection about the impact of professional development on their teaching over the last two years in grades K-2.

Here is what K-2 staff said about the most recent session: 

  • "Talking about reading helps students develop both academic and social skills"

  • "Guided reading planning becomes much easier once you identify and write down the goal for your group/student"

  • “Building comprehension skills is an ongoing process"

  • " Professional development shifted the way I think about guided, shared and interactive reading. So many skills and goals can be targeted through ALL 3!"


Here is what staff said about the impact of professional development and about having time for professional development over the past two years in K-2" 

  • "These opportunities to come together and reflect on different aspects of literacy have lifted my teaching in countless ways."


  • "My teaching feels more direct, explicit and purposeful. I sit with my readers having so much more knowledge about their development and how to support them." 


  • "Reminder of high leverage teacher move and a reminder of the resources we have--Fountas and Pinnell, school library books, and the book room" 

  • "Professional development keeps me up-to-date with what is happening with the school literacy activities" 

These are just a few examples from the K-2 grade band of how our coaches and teachers are continually engaging with one another to reflect on their practice and refine their expertise.  Topics for PD are designed around their interests of growth, student needs, supporting new curriculum, and supporting new staff.

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