April Break!

Posted by Monica Crowley on 4/16/2021 3:00:00 PM

Hello Lawrence families,

Congratulations to every single staff member, student and family for supporting our first, very successful full week in with all K-8 students and staff!!!

I hope you take this april break to simply kick back and relax.  It has been a long and challenging fourteen months since we were all in the building.  Now that we know we can make it happen while continuing the important mitigation behaviors and protocols, I hope we are able to recharge and then come back strong for the remaining eight weeks and two days of school for a solid stretch of robust instruction and learning. 

The last day of school is on Tuesday, June 22 with a noon dismissal-lunch not served.  The program and date for the Grade 8 graduation have not been finalized.  Once principals have a process and date, we will share with families.