• Welcome to the Lawrence P.E. page!  The P.E. staff works closely together to deliver a fun, active and safe physical education learning environment for all K-8 students!  Our goals align with the Town of Brookline, the State of Massachusetts and the National Physical Education Learning Standards.  Overall, we use multiple teaching strategies to deliver activities that are age and developmentally appropriate with a focus starting from spatial awareness and locomotion to fundamental skills to specialized skills, while simultaneously addressing physical fitness and social skills.

  • Curriculum


    Fall:  Space Awareness, Movement Concepts, Foot-Eye Skills, Levels, Pathways, Evasion Games, Rolling, Throwing, Tossing

    Winter:  Net Games, Rhythms, Hand-Eye Striking, Yoga, Gymnastics, Group Cooperation, Spatial Orientation

    Spring:  Striking with implements, Jump Rope For Heart, Tennis, Four/Two-Square, Lacrosse


    Fall:  Space Awareness, Movement Concepts, Foot-eye ball skills, Agility, Recess Games, Basketball, and Team Handball

    Winter:  Net Games, Rhythms, Hand-Eye Striking, Yoga, and Gymnastics

    Spring:  Striking with Implementations, Jump Rope For Heart, Tennis, Four-Square, and Lacrosse


    Fall:  Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Adventure Games, Football

    Winter:  Rhythms, Fitness, Modified Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, and Yoga

    Spring:  Lacrosse, Tennis, Jump Rope For Heart, Track and Field, Striking with Implements, and Field Day Games


    Fall:  Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, and Adventure Games

    Winter:  Rhythms, Fitness Gram, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Yoga, and Volleyball

    Spring:  Lacrosse, Tennis, Softball, Track and Field