•  Deb Caruso
    Deb Caruso
  • Occupational Therapist
    Hello there from the OT office on the third floor at Lawrence! 
    Younger students know me as Debbie, while older students call me Mrs. Caruso. Here at Lawrence, I help kids in grades K to 8 with tasks that involve using the muscles in their hands, eyes and bodies for classroom jobs like writing, drawing, cutting, coloring or even sitting in a chair or on the floor. I also help students learn strategies to stay focused, calm and "ready to learn." I've been at Lawrence School since 2009 but I've been an OT in Brookline since 1995! Feel free to stop by Room #302 to say, "Hello!" I am here Monday through Friday. If you speak Spanish, you can say, "Hola!" and stop to chat for a bit, as I am fully bilingual and of Puertorican/Cuban descent. Hasta luego! 
    Deb Caruso
    email: deborah_caruso@psbma.org