• Keys to Success at LEDP

    Certified, Quality Control & Safety Management   
    Every other year, LEDP undergoes a robust licensing renewal by the State of Massachusetts and maintains a membership in the National AfterSchool Association (NAA). All of our teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR. Key staff are also trained and certified in Special Ed. Further, staff participate in Brookline Teacher Development workshops on SPED, behavioral management, bullying prevention, and emergency preparedness. LEDP provides staff with relevant professional development throughout the year and self-funded workshops in essentials like homework skills, executive function, peer leadership, nutrition, and communication.

    Ideal Location  
    LEDP is housed at Lawrence School, allowing for a safe and smooth transition to afterschool programming and a strong and continuous collaboration with the greater Lawrence School community. This assists LEDP staff in staying in close communication with classroom teachers and ensures a cooperative school-wide approach to best support students and ensure their success.

    High Caliber People  
    Our parent-run Board supervises and supports a Director who is capable of leading and managing LEDP to achieve its vision, mission, and goals. Our Director attracts and retains full-time early childhood educators of both genders, with a mix of ethnicities and a variety of specialties (i.e., art, music, athletics, crafts, reading and homework support), who value and model intellectual curiosity and service leadership. To tap expertise beyond the walls of LEDP, our leadership actively accesses local museums, social service organizations, parks and open spaces, the arts community, and even LEDP parents. LEDP seeks Board members with expertise in a broad spectrum of areas that relate to LEDP's needs, including finance, human resources, law, medicine, and child development.

    Academically and Socially Aligned Program  
    LEDP programming enhances grade-level school-day curriculum and community themes such as SJCC with enriching, engaging, age-appropriate, academically and socially aligned after-school activities. We offer homework time for grades 1–6, and a combination of structured and unstructured activities and field trips. Our programming is designed to build as a student moves through grades K through 6. LEDP’s performance is measured annually through surveys of parents, teachers and children. Feedback is used to enhance the services offered.

    Nimble Structure   
    Our Board and Director work together to foster a flexible, fluid, and team-oriented working climate, both within and beyond the borders of LEDP, to maximize limited funds, space, staff, and resources for the benefit of our children.

    Essential Working Family Coverage  
    Our program runs all year from 2:20 pm to 6 pm on regular school days and provides additional days of coverage during February and April school vacations, the Jewish Holidays, Good Friday, and the Brookline Teachers Professional Development Day. Also, on early release days, LEDP opens at 12/12:30pm for children signed up for that specific day.

    Life-long Friendships   
    LEDP’s caring community fosters friendships among students AND parents. Many students and alumni report their best friendships were made at LEDP.