Office of Student Services

  • The Student Services Department provides a broad spectrum of specialized services to meet the needs of students across the district, including:

    Special Education
    Within Special Education, students receive academic and therapeutic interventions at all levels from preschool through completion of secondary education, or until transition to adult services. For additional resources and a more comprehensive understanding of services, please visit the Special Education webpage by clicking here.
    Student Health
    Student Health is provided for Brookline students through an array of medical services, including nurses at each building and a consulting school physician. Psychological services are available to meet the school-based assessment and mental health needs of students. To be directed to the Student Health Services webpage, please click here.
    School Counseling and Mental Health
    The Public Schools of Brookline Counseling and Clinical Services provides a comprehensive school-counseling program that promotes the academic, college/career, social/emotional growth of all students, PreK-12. Our counselors advocate for equity, access, and success for every student by collaborating with faculty, parents, and the community.  We are committed to ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be effective and responsible citizens, productive workers, and life-long learners as members of a changing society. To be directed to the Counseling and Clinical Services webpage, please click here.
    Office of Student Affairs
    The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides a centralized service for all Brookline residents to process new student registration, provide an initial orientation to the Public Schools of Brookline, and to service ongoing residency verification. The Office of Student Affairs also supports student's attendance and engagement in school. To be directed to the Office of Student Affairs webpage, please click here.