Pierce School Building Project - Overview

  • MSBA Votes to Move the Pierce School Building Project Forward

    At their Board of Directors meeting on April 14, 2020, the Massachusetts School Building Authority voted to partner with the Public Schools of Brookline to conduct a Feasibility Study for the Pierce School Building Project. Working closely with the MSBA during this phase of the project, Brookline will explore fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solutions to the space challenges that exist at Pierce School. The vote this week does not represent approval of the building project but is a critical next step in our building project plans.

    Twelve school districts submitted a Statement of Interest (SOI) to the MSBA to seek approval for a Feasibility Study and only five - including Brookline - were selected. We are proud of the comprehensive work done by our staff, the Town’s building department and the School Committee to keep this important project on track.

    During the Feasibility Phase, Brookline will finalize the project team by hiring an Owner’s Project Manager and an architectural firm based on guidelines set by the MSBA. Also during the Feasibility Phase district leaders, school leaders, the Pierce Building Committee, and the project team will develop an educational program, analyze existing conditions, establish design parameters, evaluate preliminary design alternatives, and identify the most cost-effective and educationally appropriate solution to meet the needs of the Pierce School community. Throughout this phase and upcoming phases, the Pierce Building Committee and the Project Team will work to ensure that Pierce parents, guardians and staff are informed, included, and engaged with the project. 

    Please note that there are two upcoming meetings:

    • The Pierce School Building Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, April 22. The agenda for this meeting can be found here and members of the public can view/listen to the meeting by using this link.

    • A public meeting for all interested parties, including parents, guardians, and staff from the Pierce School and members of the larger Brookline community, is set for Tuesday, April 28. Click here to register for this meeting. As an added safety measure, this meeting will only be available to those who register (a quick process, requiring only your name and email address). After you register you will receive a confirmation email, and we will send you supporting information to help you participate successfully in a Webex event.


    Overview and Background

    Since 2005, Brookline has experienced historic enrollment growth in its public schools. The K-8 elementary schools have grown by 41% going from 3,904 students in 2006 to 5,503 students in 2018, which is equivalent to adding three schools into our existing schools in just over 10 years. For a decade now, the Town and School Department has been addressing the expanding student population by studying potential sites for a new elementary school and by adding classrooms to existing schools by dividing classrooms; converting offices, locker rooms, and hallways into classrooms; renting private buildings; and building new classrooms or adding modular classes. Despite adding nearly 60 classrooms to our existing schools through this “Expand-in-Place” strategy, the schools continue to be severely overcrowded.

    The Pierce School Building Project is part of the Town’s ongoing effort to address the historic enrollment growth, overcrowding, and substandard facilities in the Public Schools of Brookline. Brookline will be working in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) during this project and will follow the MSBA’s process for school building design and construction.

    Brookline officially entered MSBA’s Eligibility Period for the Pierce project in June. One of the first milestones in the process is for the Select Board to name a School Building Committee that will monitor and provide guidance during design and construction. 

    Preliminary Timeline (June 2019- February 2020):

    Eligibility period

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