Special Education

  • Special education services throughout the district address the needs of identified learners with disabilities between the ages of three and twenty-two, who require specialized instruction to support access to the curriculum. A wide range of services are provided to meet the individual needs of students, from academic intervention to related services in areas such as: counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Availability of therapeutic services for students requiring special education intervention in the realm of social, emotional and adjustment areas is present at all schools and levels.

    Strong collaboration with regular education staff is a concerted effort to provide services to students in the most inclusive manner which benefits all students within the class setting. By providing consultation, collaboration and professional development opportunities to regular and special education staff across the district, it allows for joint efforts in the provision of special education services in the most appropriate inclusive setting.

    Staff works closely with families in assuring the services needed are identified and provided to students in accordance with applicable mandates. A strong and positive relationship exists between District staff and the Special Education Parent Advisory Council to the benefit of the school system, students, and families.

  • Programs and Services

    Special education programs and services in Brookline are designed to meet the specific needs of students with disabilities in the least restrictive setting, meaning that regular education classrooms have the appropriate aids and support, alongside non-disabled peers as determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. Brookline offers several programs to meet the needs of students with disabilities which are described below. Related services are also provided and are listed following the program descriptions. The professional staff that delivers special education services are certified and trained to work with a wide range of students with specific disabilities. When the nature and/or severity of the student’s disability is such that the neighborhood school programs/services would not meet the student’s needs, consideration is given to district-wide programs and then to collaborative and out-of-district placements. 

    Through IEP team meetings, families and school staff participate in determining and making all decisions regarding special education services. Recommended programs and services are made with parent involvement, allowing students to receive services in any composite program designed individually and drawing from our comprehensive resources.

Program Objectives

    1. To provide services for identified students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal mandates.
    2. To support the identification of students with disabilities and to determine eligibility and the need for specially designed instruction and/or related services.
    3. To provide a continuum of inclusive programs and services designed to meet the needs of students.
    4. To adjust and refine the implemented system of special education service management.
    5. To provide professional development opportunities and training to regular and special education staff regarding practices, compliances and regulatory matters.

District Contacts

  • Casey Ngo-Miller
    Interim Deputy Superintendent of Student Services

    (617) 730-2447

    Emily Frank
    Co-Director of Special Education (K-8)

    Driscoll, Lincoln, Lawrence, Pierce, and Heath Schools
    (617) 730-2458

    Nadene Moll
    Interim Co-Director of Special Education (K-8)

    Baker, Coolidge Corner, and BEEP
    (617) 730-2799

    Wendy Ryder
    Director of Special Education
    Brookline High School
    (617) 713-5075

    Melissa Devine
    Director of Autism and Inclusion Programming
    Runkle, RISE Program, and Extended School Year Services
    (617) 879-4956

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