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    Anthony Meyer, Head of School
  • Brookline High School reflects the high value the town holds for education having established a tradition of excellence and innovation, which has earned a national reputation. Serving nearly 1800 students, Brookline High represents the whole world, and it is a laboratory for the future of our global society.  The student body is diverse in terms of race, nationality, culture, and socio-economic strata.  The school is 9% African American, 14% Asian, 11% Hispanic, 61% White, and 5% Multi-Ethnic.  Students come from over 69 countries and speak 44 different languages.  We are proud of our diversity; and we have simultaneously created unity amidst the diversity, as our students pursue two common goals – academic success and exemplary citizenship.

    The high school is characterized by student accomplishments across a broad spectrum of endeavors, in and beyond the classroom.  In 2009, Rebecca Onie, Class of 1994, was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant for her work in health care. In 2008, two graduates of the Class of 2004 — Clara Blattler and Nadine Levin— were named Rhodes Scholars, two of 32 in the nation.  Each year, we honor distinguished alumni/ae and community members at the BHS Innovation Fund Fall Gala. In 2009, we honored Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Ellen Goodman; acclaimed documentary film-maker Albert Maysles; author and television personality John Hodgman, Jr.; European professional basketball star Jeff Adrian; and prominent real estate developer Norm Levenson.  Most recently, at the 2012 Gala we honored Brookline resident, BHS parent, and renowned Boston chef and restauranteur, Jody Adams.

    The heart of our mission is academic success for all students. Our achievement profile today is strong. In November, 2012, 42% of our senior class – the Class of 2013 — was inducted into the National Honor Society. Thirteen percent of  students in our senior class were named National Merit Semi-Finalists or Commended Students in this national competition. The Advanced Placement (AP) program has grown dramatically. In 1996, 134 students took 264 AP exams. In 2012, 421 students took 930 AP exams. In 1996, 90% of the students scored “3” or above on these exams. In 2012, with 287 more students participating, 95.3% of our students scored “3” or above on these exams. Our state MCAS scores continue to show improvement in math, English, and science.

    Brookline is a dynamic and progressive community of approximately 59,000 people, deeply committed to the success of its public schools.  The median household income in the town is just above $90,000. In contrast, 14.4% of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. Eight elementary schools and one comprehensive high school educate approximately 6,900 students.

    Brookline High School takes  pride in its Career and Technology Education Department, its Performing and Visual Arts Departments, as well as four alternative programs that address the interests and needs of the student community: School-Within- A-School, Opportunity for Change, Excel and Winthrop House. We have global travel opportunities to France, Mexico, Italy, China, and Cambodia.  Brookline High features the largest interscholastic athletics program in New England, with 74 teams in 40 different sports, and over 1300 student athletes. We serve the co-curricular needs of our students through an intramural sports program, over 50 clubs, an interesting variety of academic teams (including robotics, oceanography, and mock trial) and student activities. Our math and science teams achieve highly in state competitions. We have a democratic system of governance that engages students and faculty in important policy discussions and continues to improve our school. In the 2009/2010 school year, we opened a state-of-the-art television studio and media center in partnership with Brookline Access Television. 

    Brookline High School is fortunate to be supported by a knowledgeable and generous School Committee, and three foundations - The Brookline Education Foundation, The Brookline Community Foundation, and the BHS Innovation Fund. We also have an energetic and generous PTO whose Executive Committee is an important advisory body on school policy and practice. Each of these groups supports our professional development and innovative projects that allow us to support the achievement of all Brookline High students.