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    The Brookline School Committee is currently undertaking a comprehensive review and revision of the written policies contained in the Policy Manual of the Public Schools of Brookline. At present, there may be instances where district practice differs in some respects from existing written policy. In those instances, district practice shall ordinarily prevail. Should there be any conflict between existing written policy and state or federal law, the relevant law shall prevail.
    The official version of Brookline's Policy Manual is maintained at the Office of the School Committee. In the event of a conflict between an electronic text and the official version, the official version shall prevail.

    If you have any questions concerning the accuracy of any existing written policy, please contact Betsy Fitzpatrick, Executive Assistant to the School Committee, at 617-730-2430.

    If you are unsure where to find a specific policy, open the Policy Manual Index below and search (Ctrl F) using keywords.  
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