Strategy & Performance

  • The Office of Strategy and Performance was created during FY 2016 to coordinate the district’s strategic planning, the district-wide management of student information systems, the use of student data, and family and community outreach. Prior to the FY 2016, the Data Team had existed for over a decade and consisted of three staff members – a Director, a Database Manager, and an Applications Support Specialist – performing tasks related to the collection and management of data required for state and federal reporting including enrollment, attendance, and assessment. It also supported the analysis and use of MCAS results in schools and classrooms.

    Over the years, the Data Team had moved between the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Administration and Finance and lacked consistent support, oversight, or leadership. In August 2015, the Special Assistant for Strategy and Performance was hired to provide leadership and management to this group. A Data Analysis Specialist was hired in May 2016 (FY 2016) to respond to the growing interest by teachers, teacher teams, principals, and curriculum coordinators to use a wide range of data to inform decision-making.

    In FY 2019, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) moved from the Office of Student Services to the Office of Strategy and Performance to reflect OSA’s primary functions of outreach to new PSB families, school registration, and residency verification. These functions align with the Office of Strategy and Performance’s core work on managing the district’s student information systems and community engagement.