Teaching & Learning

  • The Office of Teaching and Learning is responsible for a broad range of areas, including: program and curriculum coordination, assessment, instruction, professional development, educational initiatives, research and grants.

    OTL oversees curriculum and instruction for the Public Schools of Brookline. Each curriculum area is managed by a coordinator. The Learning Expectations are the curriculum guidelines for all content areas, Grades K-8. The Course Syllabi are detailed course outlines for all courses at Brookline High School. They help teachers, parents and students understand the anticipated results of instruction and study. Both the Learning Expectations and Course Syllabi respond to the question: what should students be able to do to demonstrate understanding and knowledge?

  • Programs

    The Office of Teaching and Learning oversees a number of educational programs for the Public Schools of Brookline.  

    Program Review

    An important part of the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in the Public Schools of Brookline is the process of Program Review. Program Review aims to improve student achievement through a comprehensive and rigorous examination of our programs. The PreK grade 8 Mathematics Program Review commenced in January of 2018. Please click here to read about our committee, timeline and progress. For more information, please get in touch with the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, Michelle Herman (michelle_herman@psbma.org)

  • Jodi Fortuna, Ed.D
    Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    (617) 730-2432

    Michelle Herman
    Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, PreK-8
    (617) 730-2404

    Gabe McCormick
    Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, Secondary Education
    (617) 730-2437 

    Mindy Paulo
    Director of English Learner Education (ELE)
    (617) 730-6413

    Malcolm Cawthorne
    Director of METCO
    (617) 730-2470

    Scott Moore
    Director of Educational Technology and Libraries
    (617) 730-5134

  • District Curriculum Accommodation Plan
    The purpose of the District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) is to describe the strategies and resources that are available to classroom teachers and specialists in their quest to address the diverse learning needs of our students outside of special education. The DCAP is to be used by Child Study Teams with teachers before and instead of students being evaluated to determine special education eligibility. The process of Child Study Teams and the use of the DCAP are not intended for the sole use of beginning the special education evaluation process. Please click here to review the District Curriculum Accommodation Plan for the Public Schools of Brookline.
  • Professional Development

    Professional development is embedded in the daily work of Brookline educators through participation in school-based collaborative learning groups, grade level and department meetings, coordinator designed activities, and committee work - as well as participation in seminars, institutes and conferences sponsored by partner organizations. For more information, please contact the Director of Professional Development, Michelle Herman.
  • Libraries

    The Library Department provides intellectual and physical access to information in all formats. Each library procures and processes print and non-print materials, maintains audio-visual equipment, subscribes to on-line databases, and functions as the school based information center. Library collections and instruction are integrated into the curriculum and teaches students strategies to access and evaluate information sources and technologies. Librarians organize school-based reading events, author visits, public library orientation, student and parent book groups and media literacy classes. Librarians and instructional staff collaborate on collection development that supports the curriculum, enriches instruction for all learners, and develops an appreciation for life-long learning.