• The Public Schools of Brookline aims to ensure that all teachers and staff are able to access their school without hardship, while also maintaining a balance of being respectful of neighbors and community members. The following schools have developed parking plans in order to address teacher and staff parking availability. This information is made known to the larger Brookline community in an effort to enhance awareness, understanding, and mutual respect.

    The parking plans below have been approved by the Town's Transportation Board in the format displayed. For most plans, where the aerial view allows for reading of the street names, there is a circle with a number indicating how many cars may be assigned a parking permit for that particular street. When that is not practical, the plan has the street names and the number of permits per street issued in text form.

    Teacher and staff permits are in effect from late August to the end of June, or when the school year is in session, and those hours are typically permitted from 7 AM to 4 PM. The PSB calendar can be accessed by clicking on the word calendar on the upper right corner of your screen. At the K-8 level, there are a few exceptions to these hours where staff might be working in the evening such as: parent-teacher nights, annual events like the Science Fare & Art Show and School Theater Productions. Brookline High has a robust athletic and extra curricular and community programs so some staff may be working into the late afternoon and/or early evening.