• English Learner Education (ELE)
    The English Learner Education (ELE) program provides services to students in grade K-12 whose primary language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English. The program provides support at each school, with services focused on children's English language acquisition, literacy development, and academic achievement.

    Enrichment and Challenge Support Program (ECS)
    The Enrichment and Challenge Support Program is designed to align with the district’s Strategic Plan goals and to provide collaborative support to teachers in helping all students to:

    • Experience meaningful learning and growth (extension and challenge);
    • Become invested in their own learning and be able to pursue their passions;
    • Acquire the skills and habits of effective learners; and
    • Tap the potential of technology to create, collaborate, and communicate.

    ECS Resource Teachers work together with classroom teachers to meet the needs of their students for the challenge, enrichment, and extension across all disciplines, within the classroom, throughout the school day. To do this, ECS Resource Teachers spend most of their time collaborating with classroom teachers in conjunction with other specialists. Collaboration among classroom teachers and ECS teachers could include:

    • Co-teaching a differentiated lesson;
    • Working in the classroom with small groups of students or stations;
    • Designing and implementing digital, inquiry-based, personalized, and project-based learning; or
    • Assessing students and co-planning the appropriate follow-up.

    The Public Schools of Brookline is a charter member of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO), a voluntary integration program founded in 1966 which provides K-12 education for over 300 students from Boston. METCO students participate in all aspects of the academic and extracurricular life of the schools and are supported by the METCO Director and staff.


    Steps to Success
    Since its creation in 1991 as the Brookline School-Community Partnership, Steps to Success (STS) has worked with thousands of students, most of whom live in public housing, to help facilitate their academic and professional success.  Our mission has always been to dismantle the achievement gap for low-income students and to work with community partners to address the issue of poverty in the town of Brookline.  For more information about Steps to Success and its accomplishments with students, please visit:


    Early Childhood Education
    The Public Schools of Brookline offers inclusive preschool and pre-kindergarten programs led by teachers certified in early childhood education. The programs are an outgrowth of the Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP), a ten-year research project which changed the landscape of early childhood education. The classes serve children with a wide range of developmental needs and from diverse cultural backgrounds.  For more information, please visit the BEEP website.