Greetings from the Office of the Superintendent

Greetings PSB Families and Staff!

  • Thank you all for the warm and gracious welcome to Brookline! I look forward to working in collaboration with you to continue the long history and rich tradition of excellence in Brookline education. 

    One of my goals as I begin my Superintendent journey is to get to know PSB and its people. Since July, I have engaged in meetings with various staff and community members to better understand our students and staff, and hear about the things they are proud of at PSB. Engaging in these deep listening and learning sessions will not only inform our plans to address the impacts of the pandemic on student learning, but it will also provide a basis for understanding what we can improve as a community.

    I believe in seeing every student by face and name, to, through and beyond graduation. This means that every adult is accountable for our students’ success, and it is our responsibility to provide each student with a high quality and well-rounded education. In particular, I want to highlight two aspects of our programming that will serve this objective:

    • Our commitment to equity, led by Jenee Uttaro, will focus on providing PSB students, staff, and families with culturally responsive pedagogy, including resources for multicultural and social justice education.

    • Additionally, social-emotional learning and well-being will be a focus this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has left significant marks on our community’s physical safety, mental health, and social well-being. It is only through genuine connections and relationships that these wounds can begin to heal. I am hopeful that when everyone returns to school on September 1 that we will all find a sense of belonging in our classrooms and school communities. 

    You will learn more about our support in both of these areas through communications from our senior leadership team. I also plan to continue connecting with each of you in the days, months, and years to come. Opportunities for you to engage in this two-way dialogue will be posted as soon as dates and locations are finalized. In the meantime, please feel free to stay in touch through our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also follow me directly on Twitter @LinusGuilloryJr

    Together, we will make greater things happen in Brookline. Be well and stay safe; we look forward to seeing our students in a few short weeks!


    Linus J. Guillory Jr., PhD

Linus J. Guillory Jr., PhD - Superintendent

  • DrLinusGuillory

    (617) 730-2401

    Dr. Linus Guillory is the new Superintendent for the Public Schools of Brookline. He brings a wealth of experience to the community, having been a classroom teacher, a principal, curriculum leader, and deputy superintendent over his 20-year career in education across the United States. The Public Schools of Brookline is excited to work with Dr. Guillory and his collaborative leadership team in putting students first and experiencing the joy of learning.

    Prior to joining Brookline, Dr. Guillory served as the Chief Schools Officer in the Lowell Public Schools, where he led the improvement of instruction, professional development, and performance management for the district’s twenty-five schools. Dr. Guillory also worked as the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Chief of Schools, and Director of Science at the Rochester City School District in Rochester, NY. In those capacities, Dr. Guillory helped shape the district’s improvement efforts, co-chairing a 10-year strategic financial, facilities and education master planning team, as well as realigning and diversifying staff to appropriately support students and their needs.

    In addition, he worked at the NASA Space Center in Houston for 6 years as an education specialist helping educators access NASA education products. Dr. Guillory also served as the program director for the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Pre-Service Teacher Fellowship Institute, a program designed to recruit, identify, support, and expose underrepresented future teachers to NASA and establish networks with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

    Dr. Guillory earned his BA in Biology with a minor in chemistry at Texas A&M; he went on to earn his PHD in Environmental Science at Oklahoma State University.

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