• Conducting Research in the PSB
    The Public Schools of Brookline will not be accepting research requests for the 2022-2023 school year. 
    Thank you for your understanding. 
    Proposals must be submitted for approval for any external research or study that uses student, staff, or school time or other resources. These studies include those that utilize:
    • The collection of new data, including survey data, from students or staff; 
    • Access to confidential student or staff data; 
    • Invitations to take part in studies that are disseminated using District contact lists, physical property, or meeting time; and/or 
    • Access to aggregate student or staff data for groups smaller than ten individuals. 
    The PSB Research Review Committee accepts research proposals that:
    • Maintain the highest standards for research design and ethical practices; 
    • Support our system-wide goals and strategic plan; 
    • Do not disrupt instruction or school and district operations; and 
    • Enhance and enlarge the body of knowledge around student learning, teaching and instruction, and engagement in education.
    The Research Review Committee meets quarterly to review requests. Please submit your completed request at least one month before a review date.  A schedule will be released when the district begins accepting proposals.
    When reviewing requests, the committee will consider the following:
    • Value to the district, including evidence of sponsorship from involved administrators; 
    • Sound research design and, where applicable, approval from the researcher’s institution; 
    • Reasonableness of the request for student and staff time; 
    • Level of disruption expected to the classroom and/or curriculum; and 
    • Compliance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 
    The research request application will be made available when the district begins accepting proposals. 
    Please contact the PSB Data Team with any questions at datateam@psbma.org.