Special Education and Student Services


    During this school closure, our goal is to provide services and support to all students in special education. Because every student in special education has a unique learning plan, staff have been actively planning how to address the needs of students as we shift to remote learning. Our team is addressing the entire spectrum of students in special education fully included in general education with services/accommodations, substantially-separate, out-of-district - and within these there are gradations for academics and related services. Each of these categories will require different plans while we also sort out how each service will be provided (live video, phone, recordings, etc).


    As our community grapples with the unprecedented upheaval to our daily lives and routines, it’s important that we take reasonable action to help take back control and reduce anxiety.  We have experienced dramatic changes to our routines in the span of a few days. Anxiety is a normal reaction to this amount of uncertainty. As challenging as this time is, we encourage all members of the PSB community to recognize and address the feelings that this upheaval has created for each of us and the loved ones who we are responsible for. Our staff values your children’s education and their emotional well-being.

    With the extended school closure and changes to routines and schedules, our students, staff, and families are much more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Our hope is that you will model and support self-care for your children. These critical life skills are important to develop confidence, resilience, and healthy habits in our students.

    It is important that in these chaotic moments our community bands together to support one another. We hope that these resources are helpful in that effort.

Basic Needs and Mental Health Resources

Special Education Resources

  • The Special Education Department has compiled resources for families with students with special needs to help students remain engaged and connected to the school. In addition to the enrichment activities provided by the Office of Teaching and Learning, this link directs you to the list of resources supporting areas such as self-regulation, daily living skills, and social-emotional functioning.  We will be regularly updating these resources throughout the school closure.

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Self-Care Resources for Families

  • This self-care guide was developed in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Department, the School Counseling Department, BHS School Psychologists, B-PEN, Brookline Center and other caring Brookline community members to provide ideas to promote wellness while students are home.  The following ideas are relaxation-focused and can be implemented with limited resources.

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DESE Communications

Family Resources Toolbox

April 9 Update