Induction & Mentoring

  • In order to most effectively facilitate new and novice educators' induction into the Public Schools of Brookline, the district has established a structure that supports all educators in their first year, and supports novice educators for their first three years.

    The mentoring program pairs all new educators, regardless of prior experience or FTE, with a trained mentor in a confidential, non-evaluative partnership. This structure allows each and every new educator to receive individualized support in order to ease their transition to the district. Novice teachers receive additional support through the district's Mentored Professional  Learning program, outlined below.

  • Mentoring Program Goals

     Brookline's mentoring and induction program is designed to support, encourage, and acculturate novice and new educators so they can:

    • Provide meaningful, engaging, quality learning to each and every student
    • Attend to the Public School of Brookline’s Core Values of high academic achievement for all students, excellence in teaching, collaboration, respect for human differences, and educational equity.
    • Become reflective practitioners who monitor and adjust their practice to improve student learning
    • Increase their professional expertise
    • Establish collegial relationships that will last over time
    • Remain in the teaching profession and continue the Public Schools of Brookline’s tradition of excellence

  • The First Year: Induction

    All incoming educators hired before the start of the year participate in a two-part district-wide orientation before they begin work. The first portion of orientation covers basic structures in the district, an introduction to current district initiatives, and other relevant expectation. The second portion is conducted at individual school buildings and covers appropriate school-specific information.

    Educators in their first year with the district are provided with a 1:1 mentor and also receive group-support at their building through monthly new educators meetings organized by their building's Mentor Facilitator. The 1:1 mentor and Mentor Facilitator support new educators throughout their first year in Brookline.


    Beyond the First Year: Mentored Professional Learning

    After their first year in Brookline, educators are invited to participate in the district's Mentored Professional Learning program. This program, while open to all educators, is specifically tailored to help teachers fulfill the required "50 hours of mentored professional learning beyond the induction year" which is necessary to earn a professional license.

    This program groups 8-12 beginning educators into a 2-year cohort facilitated by a trained coach. Participants in the program will deepen their understanding of teaching practice, expand their repertoire, building cross-district connections, and strengthen their reflective skills. The program combines essential content for new educators, collaborative problem solving, and facilitated discussion to build a community of educators.

  • Program Administration

    Michelle Herman
    Director of Professional Development
    PH (617) 730-2354
    FAX (617) 264-6451